After last Saturday's pathetic showing by a few dozen fascists, join the UAF counter-protest this Saturday 29th against EDL Nazis in Rochdale, 12:30 in Rochdale centre. More details to follow on the Fb event page, see link below.

Years of consistent, broad-based mobilisations  have pushed the EDL back to the point where - at their most recent demo in London - they were only able to muster a tiny group of about 50 fascists.  Similarly, in Liverpool on 3rd June, when around 1,000 people humiliated the EDL, the fascists could only gather a rabble of, at most, 60.

The EDL is a fascist organisation – their founder ‘Tommy Robinson’ was a member of the British National Party. Leading EDL figure Alan Spence was also a member of the BNP.

Join us on Saturday 29th July, to show for the second time in a week, that fascists are not wanted in Rochdale.  ,  or search July 29th: Unite Against Fascism Protest Against Edl in Rochdale

Members of the CWU communication workers' union, UNISON, PCS civil servants and firefighters' FBU were amongst about 200 who joined the counter-protest against the fascist Britain First group in Rochdale on Saturday, 22nd July.  The counter-protest was called by Unite Against Fascism. 

The Muslim Defence League (MDL) organised up to 50 mainly Asian supporters to march from the Broadfield Park area of Rochdale to the town centre rally.  The anti-racist protest later moved to an area overlooking an edge-of-town car park where no more than 60 fascists were held in a police pen, surrounded by three-metre-high solid steel police barriers.

"Paul Golding of Britain First is just now giving a speech talking about his ancestors", UAF's Weyman Bennett said as he addressed the anti-racist protesters.  "But we already know his ancestors were Adolf Hitler and Mussolini."

UNISON member Vernetta attacked Teresa May and the Tories when she spoke, for "using racism as a distraction while continuing austerity and attacks on services."  CWU officers also spoke to offer continuing support for the fight against racism and fascism.

After a short rally, the small group of BF fascists were rushed by police back to the train station on the edge of town - most of Rochdale would not have seen them all day.  Anti-racists marched back to the town centre.

If fascist groups attempt to exploit the recent revelations of child sexual abuse in Rochdale to turn communities against each other, anti-racists and trade unionists must mobilise to block them.  Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism urge labour movement activists, faith groups and community leaders to speak out publicly against the racists' attempts to label Rochdale's Muslim and Pakistani-origin communities as somehow to blame for the abuse. 


Unite Against Fascism – Rochdale Unity Statement – No to fascist Britain First!

For travel arrangements from other parts of Manchester to Rochdale on 22nd, please call us on 07903 586 191.

We, the undersigned, support the protest – organised by Unite Against Fascism, trades unionists and others – in opposition to the intrusion by the fascist group Britain First in Rochdale on 22nd July.

Britain First’s leader Paul Golding was imprisoned last year for eight weeks for his campaign of “invading” mosques. Leading Britain First member Jayda Fransen was convicted for religiously aggravated harassment, after she abused a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

The man arrested for the racist attack on Finsbury Park Mosque – which killed one man and injured eleven other people – is reported to have followed Britain First’s Golding and Jansen on Twitter.  After the attack, Britain First posted that ‘Finsbury Park Mosque was notorious as a haven for Islamist terrorists and extremists!’  Thomas Mair shouted ‘Britain First’ before he brutally murdered Jo Cox MP in 2016.

Unite Against Fascism 2016 conference


Join us this Friday 3rd November to oppose the planned 'book launch' by former leader of the fascist English Defence League 'Tommy Robinson' at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Trafford Park on Friday 3rd November. Coach transport from central Manchester - phone/txt Mike 07903 586 191 to book your place.  (Returning 10pm.)

Robinson - aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon - has a record of involvement in fascist organisations. He was originally a member of the British National Party, and founded the EDL in 2009. Robinson then organised a series of Islamophobic EDL demonstrations across Britain, which involved racist chanting, violence and Nazi salutes. Only in June 2017, Robinson attacked an Asian male at Ascot Races.

Robinson recently organised an anti-Muslim Demonstration in Manchester on 11th June, in an attempt to exploit the recent, horrific terror attacks at the Arena, in order to scapegoat Muslims. At the centre of this demo were fascists who have been members of groups such as the National Front, BNP and Combat 18. Again, Robinson's protest erupted into racism and violence.

Thanks to the many organisations and individuals who have signed our statement opposing Robinson.