Gerry Gable Statement on 27th Feb UAF Demo

"One of the most active and violent nazi groups from Poland has announced they will be demonstrating in Manchester on Saturday 27th February, to bring aid to the openly British violent and drug-dealing 'North West Infidels' criminal group.

 "Over the last couple of years Nazis from Poland living and working in the UK have turned up on many occasions to support openly British Nazi groups.

"After the serious violence against anti-fascists demonstrating against a Fascist/Nazi mobilisation in Dover two weeks ago, we can reveal the involvement of uniformed nazis from the former Soviet Union.

"A year ago Searchlight ran photos of them at two demonstrations outside the American Embassy in London, displaying their banner "The Misanphrobic Division". The were protesting the long time served in a US Prison by a US Nazi from "The Order" that murdered , robbed and bombed their way across their country decades ago. It is also reported they have demonstrated at the Ukrainian Embassy against the elected Government. "

--Gerry Gable, Searchlight