Greater Manchester Police makes five figure pay outs to three Anti Fascists arrested on 20.03.10

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Greater Manchester Police makes five figure pay outs to three Anti Fascists arrested on 20.03.10


“Dogs used as a weapon is a vicious form of assault.  Over 30 years since the murder of Blair Peach, has policing fundamentally changed?  It seems not.”  Jason Travis, seriously wounded by police dog and now compensated for false imprisonment, human rights breach and assault.

Despite paying me compensation, the police officer that arrested me  has had no reprimand for his violent and bigoted actions against me.
Furthermore, the police have offered no adequate justification for their reckless, unprovoked aggression and violence at the Bolton demonstration.”
Dane Kelly, subject to homophobic abuse, falsely imprisoned and subsequently prosecuted based on a police officer’s account.

“ discovered footage of my arrest and, after viewing the footage and “having a word with the officers”, the prosecution solicitor at the Court decided to offer no evidence.  The police have had to confront the reality that surveillance is a two way street, even if currently the State’s side of the street is a good deal wider.”  Paul Sutcliffe, arrested by a ‘snatch squad’, compensated having brought claims for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

justice4bolton was formed in the aftermath of the anti EDL demonstration in Bolton on 20th March 2010 to defend all the anti fascists and anti racists who were arrested that day, to assert the fact that protesting against racism and fascism is not a crime and to realise a people’s enquiry into what happened in Bolton on that day.

The three men compensated earlier this month by GMP have waited over three years to achieve some form of justice.  Others, including Alan Clough
whose assault at the hands of the police on that day led to two Tactical Aid Unit officers from GMP’s riot squad being charged with perverting the course of justice, are still waiting for justice in their cases.

Michael Oswald of Bhatt Murphy, who acts for the Messrs Kelly, Sutcliffe and Travis said:  “It is a reflection of the bravery and tenacity of our
clients that, more than three years after the attempts made to criminalise their peaceful opposition to the racist EDL, they have by way of these settlements finally been able to achieve the accountability and vindication they have sought.”

Tonight, Granada News on ITV1 at 6pm will be broadcasting about this matter.

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