On Saturday 20th March, anti-racists in several UK cities will mark UN Day Against Racism both online and on the streets. See the Manchester Stand Up To racism Fb page for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/2093447230802345 . SUTR are working closely with the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to organise these events.

For a model motion you can raise in your trade union and in campaign r community groups, see the national SUTR site http://www.standuptoracism.org.uk/  - there's also several excellent pieces by activists in USA about the far-rght mobilisations there and how to beat them back.

Great videos from yesterday's Stand Up To Racism International Conference here:



Good article on how antisemitism is never far behind Islamophobia, in this case in the Vox far-right Spanish party (thanks to Rob Ferguson for circulating.)


Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism urges all supporter to keep building the Black Lives Matter movement.  Several hundred gathered in central Manchester last Saturday (11th July) to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a healthworker shot dead in her own home by Kentucky cops. Many protesters said that 'the UK is not innocent.' The families of the UK's own victims of lethal police racism deserve justice - Christopher Alder, Edmond da Costa, Kingsley Burrell, Smiley Culture, Mark Duggan. Let's fight for Stand Up To Racism's demands that include banning tasers and ending the catch-all Section 60 police stop-and-search powers.  For details of Take The Knee protests near you, and of all city centre rallies, see Stand Up To Racism Manchester on Fb, https://www.facebook.com/ManchesterStandUp, and get signed up to the SUTR Manchester WhatsApp group.

Playing with Fire… Trump Stokes the Far-Right

US President Donald Trump has openly sided with far-right and white-supremacist groups who have been mobilising around opposition to the lockdown in several US states.  

Far-right activists have staged demonstrations in several US states, brandishing machine guns and demanding an end to the lockdown.  On one of the larger mobilisations in Michigan, gun-toting right-wingers wore pro- Trump caps and carried Trump flags.  A similar demo in the Texan capital city Austin was broadcast on the far-right InfoWars channel run by right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.  In Ohio, anti-vaccine agitators joined with pro-gun activists to defy social-distancing regulations.

Trump responded by tweeting a call to ‘LIBERATE’ Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota. ‘They seem very responsible to me’, Trump said of the protesters.  Some of the protests have been backed by groups funded by well-known Republicans donors, some with direct ties to Trump.

Trump is again demonstrating how he’s prepared to play with the fire of far-right activism to help mobilise his base for the Presidential election in November.  He had hoped for low unemployment and a booming stock market in the run-up to the election– but the Covid-19 outbreak has reversed this, with unemployment up 16 million.

Trump’s approval ratings are at a six-month low of 43%, down from 54% in summer 2019; approval has plummeted in 17 states that are expected to be ‘battlegrounds’ in November.

UK far-right and fascist groupings are likely to seek to benefit from the US mobilisations and from Trump’s encouragement.   The Tommy Robinson website defends Trump’s attacks on the World Health Organisation, while pushing racist anti-China merchandise.  In the current times of crisis, we need to be alert to the danger of a far-right revival here in Britain.


Italian far-right leader Matteo Salvini was planning a visit to Liverpool.  But mass opposition there has given the racist leader of the Lega party second thoughts.  Liverpool city region Mayor Steve Rotheram is amongst dozens of MPs, councillors, trade unionists and organisations who have signed the anti-racist statement opposing Salvini’s visit.

You can add your name to the statement by emailing directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via NW UAF’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/northwestuaf/   We’ll put out details of any counter-protests etc nearer the time – but for now, let’s keep Salvini on the run.

Sacked Tory adviser Andrew Sabisky had spewed racist bile about the ‘inferiority’ of black people and had called for forced sterilisation to prevent the emergence of a ‘permanent underclass.’

Dominic Cummings – and most likely Boris Johnson as well – will have known this before appointing him.  But like Johnson’s own writings about black people as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’, Sabisky’s comments were not a barrier to being drawn into the centre of the Tory government machine.

The growth of far-right, racist and fascist movements has acted to boost the confidence of some in academia who promote these pseudo-scientific, false notions of population differences that hark back to the discredited eugenics movement of the 1920s and 1930s.  Likewise, the race-theorists’ ramblings are helping these movements to grow.

The explosion of anger when Sabisky’s views were exposed led directly to his sacking – showing that a mass movement can beat back the racists.

January 2020 sees the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, as Russian, British and other anti-Nazi armies swept through occupied Poland.

About 850,000 Jewish people were slaughtered at Auschwitz, alongside up to 100,000 non-Jews.  Astonishingly, some survived, and a group of survivors defiantly marched through the infamous 'Arbeit Macht Frei' gates of the camp on Monday of this week (27th.)  These survivors were young children when they were transported to Auschwitz.

Survivor Renee Salt said that she and many other survivors were unable to speak of what happened to them for several decades, even to loved ones.

The memorial event on Thursday 30th at 7pm is being hosted by UNISON at their Regional offices at Arena Point, 1 Hunts Bank M3 1UN, next to Victoria train station.  All welcome; speakers and readers of survivors' testimony will include mayor Andy Burnham.

Tommy Robinson plans to bring his racist supporters to Media City next Saturday, 23rd February.  It's vital we have the biggest, broadest counter-protest against this fascist thug.

Robinson is a former BNP activist and founder of the failed English Defence League.  He's furious because a forthcoming Panorama broadcast will show him as a convicted cocaine-snorting swindler and an arch-Islamophobe.

Yesterday (16th) saw another unsuccessful attempt by fascist and far-right activists to disrupt anti-racist campaigning in Manchester city centre.  About 7 Britain First thugs and a separate group of just 12 'Yellow Pest' racists were unable to prevent thousands of leaflets going out to publicise the rally against Robinson.

It's time to show Robinson he's not welcome anywhere in Greater Manchester.


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"We're here on this lovely sunny day to celebrate multicultural Manchester", UAF organiser Paul J announced as about 15 anti-racist activists started leafletting to build for the national anti-racist demonstration on 16th March, United Nations Day Against Racism And Discrimination.  The activity was called by Stand Up To Racism Manchester (see Fb page.) A handful of far-right activists turned up to harass and harangue, but passers-by continued to stop by the SUTR stall and take leaflets away.

Amongst the fascist thugs was Nazi John Lawrence who now claims he's an election candidate for the fascist Britain First group.  Other far-right thugs lost their rag several times and had to be pushed away by police officers, who eventually used a 'dispersal order' to get rid of them.

Two members of the RMT railworkers' unions came down after their early-morning picketing at Victoria station, to offer support and solidarity.  We need more trade unionists - RMT, Unison, FBU, teachers and lecturers - to join the Stand Up To Racism event next Saturday, 9th February, if the far right carry out their threat to bring in a bigger gang of hate-mongers - see the Fb event here  https://www.facebook.com/events/437639943726222/ .