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The English Defence League (EDL) have announced they will march on Didsbury Mosque on Saturday 20th October.  Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have called a solidarity protest to defend the mosque against the racists and fascists - it's important this is as big as possible.

In August, over 100 anti-racists and mosque attenders rallied on the front steps of the mosque following a threat to demonstrate there by Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) racists.  The racists didn't come anywhere near the mosque, although some FLA supporters were spotted lurking in nearby streets.

Racists and fascists are organising on a scale not seen for decades, in Britain and across Europe.  The EDL was originally founded by ex-BNP member Tommy Robinson, jailed earlier this year for contempt of court.  Robinson's supporters organised a 15,000-strong rally on Whitehall in central London - the biggest ever fascist-led outdoor mobilisation in Britain.  Robinson was released on technicalities and faces a re-trial on 27th September.  He has previously been handed prison sentences for violent assault and for travelling to the US on a false passport, as well as for mortgage fraud.

The DFLA is well-funded by American racists and fascists.  Steve Bannon, former racist adviser to Donald Trump, has openly supported Robinson and has also met with Islamophobic Tory Boris Johnson.  From his new HQ in Brussels, Bannon is organising 'The Movement' to pull together the many European racist and fascist groups that are growing rapidly - the anti-migrant, anti-Roma bigot Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is amongst the latest figures to join.

Let's organise to push the fascists and racists back.