The national demonstration against racism and fascism in London on Saturday 17th November, called by Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism and officially backed by the TUC, comes at a crucial time.

The growth of the far right is accelerating dangerously.  The murder of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh is a serious wake-up call; the Ku Klux Klan claims their fastest growth rate in decades. The election of violent homophobic thug Bolsonaro in Brazil is a threat to all minorities there, and to trade unionists.  The German racist/fascist-led AfD made yet another breakthrough in the recent Hesse state elections.  In France, Le Pen’s Rassamblement National (the re-named Front National) has just crept ahead of Macron’s party by 1%.

Even in Republic of Ireland, not previously noted for far-right activity, a fringe candidate in the recent Presidential election shot up from 1% to just over 20% in the polls following a virulent anti-Traveller speech. 

And here in Britain, the various far-right groupings continue to coalesce around the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ campaign.  Robinson pulled over 1,000 far-right supporters to his rally outside the Old Bailey.  In a deliberate echo of the 1930s fascist movement led by Oswald Mosley, stewards at Robinson's rally wore black uniforms.

But there is a growing response to this.  Anti-racists organised a huge US demonstration against race-hate ideologue Steve Bannon.  The recent demo in Liverpool – attended by Mayor Joe Anderson – saw off a fascist splinter group there, while the proposed Oxford Union address by the AfD’s Alice Weidel was cancelled following a mass campaign.  And, it was great to have both John McDonnell and Diane Abbott at the recent SUTR Conference.

It’s crucial we build the anti-racist movement on the biggest, broadest scale possible. Phone 07903 586 191 now to book your seat on the coaches going from Manchester.  The demonstration assembles at midday near the BBC in Portland Square, London.