Mass Leafletting to Reclaim the City Centre, Saturday 2nd February

Following yesterday's attempt by far-right activists to disrupt leafletting in Manchester for Holocaust Memorial Day, Stand Up To Racism Manchester will be 'reclaiming the streets' next Saturday - please come and support, from midday near the top of Market Street, next to Piccadilly Gardens:


The national demonstration against racism and fascism in London on Saturday 17th November, called by Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism and officially backed by the TUC, comes at a crucial time.

The growth of the far right is accelerating dangerously.  The murder of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh is a serious wake-up call; the Ku Klux Klan claims their fastest growth rate in decades. The election of violent homophobic thug Bolsonaro in Brazil is a threat to all minorities there, and to trade unionists.  The German racist/fascist-led AfD made yet another breakthrough in the recent Hesse state elections.  In France, Le Pen’s Rassamblement National (the re-named Front National) has just crept ahead of Macron’s party by 1%.

Even in Republic of Ireland, not previously noted for far-right activity, a fringe candidate in the recent Presidential election shot up from 1% to just over 20% in the polls following a virulent anti-Traveller speech. 

And here in Britain, the various far-right groupings continue to coalesce around the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ campaign.  Robinson pulled over 1,000 far-right supporters to his rally outside the Old Bailey.  In a deliberate echo of the 1930s fascist movement led by Oswald Mosley, stewards at Robinson's rally wore black uniforms.

But there is a growing response to this.  Anti-racists organised a huge US demonstration against race-hate ideologue Steve Bannon.  The recent demo in Liverpool – attended by Mayor Joe Anderson – saw off a fascist splinter group there, while the proposed Oxford Union address by the AfD’s Alice Weidel was cancelled following a mass campaign.  And, it was great to have both John McDonnell and Diane Abbott at the recent SUTR Conference.

It’s crucial we build the anti-racist movement on the biggest, broadest scale possible. Phone 07903 586 191 now to book your seat on the coaches going from Manchester.  The demonstration assembles at midday near the BBC in Portland Square, London.

The English Defence League (EDL) have announced they will march on Didsbury Mosque on Saturday 20th October.  Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have called a solidarity protest to defend the mosque against the racists and fascists - it's important this is as big as possible.

In August, over 100 anti-racists and mosque attenders rallied on the front steps of the mosque following a threat to demonstrate there by Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) racists.  The racists didn't come anywhere near the mosque, although some FLA supporters were spotted lurking in nearby streets.

Racists and fascists are organising on a scale not seen for decades, in Britain and across Europe.  The EDL was originally founded by ex-BNP member Tommy Robinson, jailed earlier this year for contempt of court.  Robinson's supporters organised a 15,000-strong rally on Whitehall in central London - the biggest ever fascist-led outdoor mobilisation in Britain.  Robinson was released on technicalities and faces a re-trial on 27th September.  He has previously been handed prison sentences for violent assault and for travelling to the US on a false passport, as well as for mortgage fraud.

The DFLA is well-funded by American racists and fascists.  Steve Bannon, former racist adviser to Donald Trump, has openly supported Robinson and has also met with Islamophobic Tory Boris Johnson.  From his new HQ in Brussels, Bannon is organising 'The Movement' to pull together the many European racist and fascist groups that are growing rapidly - the anti-migrant, anti-Roma bigot Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is amongst the latest figures to join.

Let's organise to push the fascists and racists back.

Racists On The Move – it’s Time To Organise Against Them

On Saturday 23rd June, over 120 anti-racists and trade unionists met at the Stand Up To Racism North West Summit I south Manchester to discuss how to build the anti-racist movement we urgently need to stop the resurgent far right.  While only 5 or 6 far-right activists turned up to attempt to disrupt the conference – they were held at bay in the street, by Muslim women – their presence was a reminder that the far right and the racists are on the move.

Earlier in the month, 15,000 had joined the London march for Tommy Robinson, former BNP activist and founder of the one-time street-movement for Islamophobes, the English Defence League.  Robinson is in jail for contempt of court.   He pleaded guilty as charged, but today’s growing army of racists and fascists isn’t going to the detail of his self-confessed guilt stand in the way of building a mass movement based on anti-Muslim prejudice and violence.

Fifteen thousand is way bigger than any fascist-led or racist organisation has fielded since Oswald Mosley’s blackshirts in the 1930s.  In the 1970s, the National Front marches attracted about 3,000 at most, under heavy police protection.  But Robinson’s supporters didn’t cower behind police lines, they went on the offensive and attacked nearby police.

The march received active support from Geert Wilders of the Netherland Islamophobic Party for Freedom, from racist former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and from Louis Aliot, vice-president of the French fascist Front National (recently rebranded as National Rally.)

The alliance lining up behind Robison’s willingly-accepted martyrdom is part of a Europe-wide movement that is thrilled to see the Italian League’s leading figure Matteo Salvini condemn north African migrants to the graveyard of the Mediterranean Sea, and that cheers on his latest idea of a racist ‘register’ of Italy’s 150,000 Roma people.

Over-arching this movement is the racist-in-chief himself, Donald Trump.  Up to 10,000 people from Mexico and from central and south American states have now been forcibly split up by Trump’s agents at the Mexico-US border – and it seems there isn’t a reliable mechanism for re-uniting children with their parents.  

This is why Stand Up To Racism has launched a statement specifically calling for mass protests when Trump is in London on Friday 13th July, and on Saturday 14th July when the far-right will again attempt to march in support of their fascist poster-boy Robinson:

This is not the time for complacency or passivity, it’s time to organise.

Over 600 trade unionists and anti-racists rallied in central Manchester on Saturday to reject the divisive politics of the Football Lads Alliance.  Several major trade unions sent delegations to join the rally and march – UNISON, Unite, FBU firefighters, PCS, NEU teachers, RMT rail workers.

Rabnawaz was one of about eight Labour councillors who helped organise the rally.  To cheers from the crowd gathered outside the Central Reference Library, he said “We beat the BNP, we beat the EDL – and Manchester will beat the racist Football Lads Alliance too.”

Lively anti-racist slogans filled the streets for the short march to Castlefield Arena – where campaigners found just 250 or so FLA supporters.  This was a huge setback for the FLA, given their recent rallies in Birmingham and London of 4,000-plus.  A large group of their supporters remained outside a nearby pub, gloomily surveying the very-empty Castlefield Arena.

The FLA melted away quite quickly.  However there is a real threat from their two components, the FLA and the ‘Democratic FLA’ (DFLA.)  Despite their recent split over money raised from ‘merch’, far-right fragments are continuing to gather around these groups, and the DFLA is more or less in the hands of former EDL founder and fascist Tommy Robinson.  The DFLA’s hook-up with UKIP must also be a concern for all trade unionists and anti-racists.

The DFLA have declared they will rally in central Manchester on Saturday, 2nd June.  Back at St Peter’s Square, Anna from LGBT Against Islamophobia was applauded when she said, “As a trans woman I don’t want groups like the FLA and DFLA coming here telling me my Muslim neighbours hate me – we have to unite against these racists, that’s why you’ve all got to come out and do this again on the 2nd June.”

Greater Manchester UAF supports the call to demonstrate against the racist-led Football Lads Alliance (FLA)  on Saturday 19 May, when the FLA have said they will demonstrate in Manchester.

The FLA want to exploit the anniversary of the tragic bombings at Manchester Arena.

The FLA claims it is an organisation of football fans, yet they've called their protest on the same day as the FA Cup Final and the Royal Wedding!

We believe there is a real danger that the event could open the door to far right groups, that want to promote racism and Islamophobia.

The FLA linked up with an Islamophobic group, Veterans Against Terrorism (VAT), for a march in Edinburgh in November 2017. The FLA claims to be against all extremism but in recent months it has had far right speakers on its platforms and promoted Islamophobic events such as an intimidating march by far right extremists against the East London mosque in Tower Hamlets.

As exposed in the Observer newspaper, far from opposing extremism the FLA's closed Facebook page continually sees racist and Islamophobic posts, also posts targeting the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott in the wake of concerns she raised about the group.

We call on all people of good will to stand together in Manchester against all forms of racism and Islamophobia.

We believe that football is for all, women and men, black and white, LGBT and straight, people of all religions and none.

The FLA has said it's next moibilisation will be in Manchester.

Whether that is on the 19 May or another day, Stand Up to Racism will be working to ensure that there is the biggest possble mobilisation to bring a message of unity and opposition to racism and Islamophobia onto the streets of Manchester

All Gtr Mcr anti-fascists and anti-racists are urged to support Stand Up To Racism's rally in solidarity with Muslims this Tuesday, 3rd April at 6:30pm at Central Ref Library.

This important event is in response to the disgusting 'Punish A Muslim' letters that have been circulated to some homes in Manchester
The Facebook event for this is , please visit and click Going, or Interested, to show solidarity with Muslims and unity against those seeking to spread hatred and division.

After last Saturday's pathetic showing by a few dozen fascists, join the UAF counter-protest this Saturday 29th against EDL Nazis in Rochdale, 12:30 in Rochdale centre. More details to follow on the Fb event page, see link below.

Years of consistent, broad-based mobilisations  have pushed the EDL back to the point where - at their most recent demo in London - they were only able to muster a tiny group of about 50 fascists.  Similarly, in Liverpool on 3rd June, when around 1,000 people humiliated the EDL, the fascists could only gather a rabble of, at most, 60.

The EDL is a fascist organisation – their founder ‘Tommy Robinson’ was a member of the British National Party. Leading EDL figure Alan Spence was also a member of the BNP.

Join us on Saturday 29th July, to show for the second time in a week, that fascists are not wanted in Rochdale.  ,  or search July 29th: Unite Against Fascism Protest Against Edl in Rochdale

Members of the CWU communication workers' union, UNISON, PCS civil servants and firefighters' FBU were amongst about 200 who joined the counter-protest against the fascist Britain First group in Rochdale on Saturday, 22nd July.  The counter-protest was called by Unite Against Fascism. 

The Muslim Defence League (MDL) organised up to 50 mainly Asian supporters to march from the Broadfield Park area of Rochdale to the town centre rally.  The anti-racist protest later moved to an area overlooking an edge-of-town car park where no more than 60 fascists were held in a police pen, surrounded by three-metre-high solid steel police barriers.

"Paul Golding of Britain First is just now giving a speech talking about his ancestors", UAF's Weyman Bennett said as he addressed the anti-racist protesters.  "But we already know his ancestors were Adolf Hitler and Mussolini."

UNISON member Vernetta attacked Teresa May and the Tories when she spoke, for "using racism as a distraction while continuing austerity and attacks on services."  CWU officers also spoke to offer continuing support for the fight against racism and fascism.

After a short rally, the small group of BF fascists were rushed by police back to the train station on the edge of town - most of Rochdale would not have seen them all day.  Anti-racists marched back to the town centre.

If fascist groups attempt to exploit the recent revelations of child sexual abuse in Rochdale to turn communities against each other, anti-racists and trade unionists must mobilise to block them.  Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism urge labour movement activists, faith groups and community leaders to speak out publicly against the racists' attempts to label Rochdale's Muslim and Pakistani-origin communities as somehow to blame for the abuse. 


Unite Against Fascism – Rochdale Unity Statement – No to fascist Britain First!

For travel arrangements from other parts of Manchester to Rochdale on 22nd, please call us on 07903 586 191.

We, the undersigned, support the protest – organised by Unite Against Fascism, trades unionists and others – in opposition to the intrusion by the fascist group Britain First in Rochdale on 22nd July.

Britain First’s leader Paul Golding was imprisoned last year for eight weeks for his campaign of “invading” mosques. Leading Britain First member Jayda Fransen was convicted for religiously aggravated harassment, after she abused a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

The man arrested for the racist attack on Finsbury Park Mosque – which killed one man and injured eleven other people – is reported to have followed Britain First’s Golding and Jansen on Twitter.  After the attack, Britain First posted that ‘Finsbury Park Mosque was notorious as a haven for Islamist terrorists and extremists!’  Thomas Mair shouted ‘Britain First’ before he brutally murdered Jo Cox MP in 2016.